Through independent strategic advice, Fidens Partners assists companies get top quality financing and banking deals.


The name Fidens Partners originates from our motto Veritas fidens (Latin) meaning “Confidence in the truth” or “Truth without fear”. This motto guides all our client engagements.

Wallace Fan, Principal of Fidens Partners, says: “We firmly believe that in this ever-changing environment, businesses should not be afraid to address inefficiencies and should seek professional assistance to improve.”

He founded Fidens Partners in 2005 to assist mid-market corporations develop and implement better financing and banking strategies.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients deploy expert strategic financial management and achieve optimal financing outcomes with value-aligned banking or financing partners. We achieve this through our uncompromising independent approach and advice

Our points of difference

Fidens Partners consultancy services are based on:

  • our first-hand knowledge of how banks operate and what lenders require.
  • our unbiased, holistic approach to achieving outcomes.
  • our vast network of experienced legal and accounting professionals that can assist with financial closings.


Four reasons to use Fidens Partners

1.    We understand the way banks and investors think

The principal Wallace Fan has senior banking experience gained at leading Australian banks, including three of the big four. His experience extends from the micro-cap to institutional sectors; from vanilla working-capital facilities to highly-structured, leveraged and project finance; from front-end relationship management to internal credit management.

2.    We have wide industry experience

The principal has written and managed numerous banking facilities in various industries including therapeutic products and pharmaceuticals, food imports and distribution, oil and gas, energy, telecommunications, media, transport and logistics.

3.    We are fearlessly independent

While we have a strong understanding and relationship with various financiers, we have no formal or informal ties with any parties. Our commitment and loyalty is solely with our clients. Our clients pay our fees, not the banks or financial institutions. Fidens Partners does not accept commissions or introductory fees from any bank or financial institution.  

4.    We conduct all matters ethically and with high integrity

The principal is an active member of CFA Institute and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Fidens Partner, as a result, is subject to CFA Institute’s Codes, Standards, and Guidelines and AICD Membership Code of Conduct.



As your company develops, you may find that your financial arrangements with your existing lenders are inadequate or stuck in the past. This could be due to factors such as personnel changes or restructuring of your bank or because you are expanding into new markets.

Through periodic review and communication of your company’s credit profile and risk exposures with financiers and banks, you can maintain sound working relationships with lenders and avoid unwanted surprises.

Fidens Partners can get your business the level of banking service and the attention that it requires. We can assist you deal with multiple lenders and can suggest banking partners in international markets when required.

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