Why leave your relationship bank

Recently, I was blamed by a banker as the reason he lost his client. He intimated that I had wrecked his client/banking relationships.  Feeling he was being unjust, yet understanding his anguish, I suggested to him that he should really learn to better understand why his client elected to leave his bank.  Nevertheless, I can also understand it is not as simple as it sounds, as many clients do not like to give direct honest feedback.  It is like the Chinese saying, “Save face”.      

This is where I add value – an external conduit can always see the situation more clearly and can often solve the problem swiftly whilst saving everyone’s face.  I always advocate working with the existing relationship bank to improve efficiency.  Whilst I usually managed to achieve a win-win for both sides, there were occasions that the existing bank was just so recalcitrant that the client instructed a total refinancing. 

Whilst there are many reasons companies elect to refinance, there is a common theme of certain dissatisfaction.  Inspired by my 10-year-old daughter, who recently discovered the joy of poetry, I thought I would give it a go and compose a free verse poem, summarising the common theme of leaving a banking relationship.   

Why am I leaving you…

The banker fired at his client, “WHY are you leaving me?”

“WE have been such great bank alongside thee”

“What did WE do wrong?”, “What did WE say wrong?”

So please allow yours truly to tell on.

You said you love our business,

Oh, very much admire our greatness

You vowed to partner us on

But, at the eleventh hour, you would always come up with something not on

You wanted more fee and then more security

But we are not even close to breaching a single treaty

Then you said our greatest growth is too quick

You can’t keep up with our mighty kick

You demand we meet endless rules

And you want us to put in some financial tools

Your actions have left us so disbelieving

So, why the surprise that we are leaving?

Banks, banks, banks,

Next time you wonder why clients leave you in the lee

Maybe you should ponder your self-professed glee. 

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